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Since 1963, Media Information Services has been a leader in the provision of advertising and media intelligence. Originally known as Advertising Information Services (AIS),Media Information Services incorporates AIS' years of monitoring experience with innovative solutions to serve the advertising and broadcast industries.

Program Content Pre-Screening
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MIS screens primetime and late night programs prior to airing and provides detailed reports of the show's content. With this, media buyers can assure their clients that the programs they have bought time in are appropriate outlets for their message.

- MIS has been the premiere provider of content screenings for
  over 30 years
- Agreements with ABC, CBS, Fox, NBC, CW and several cable networks
  allow our experienced personnel to view programs prior to air
- Additional agreements with cable networks allow for pre-screening of both
  original cable programming and off-network syndication
- Screenings are done in New York and Los Angeles
- Immediate reporting of potential conflicts between content and client
  provided guidelines
- MIS verifies that network-assigned ratings are provided
- Screening reports include sponsor mentions and product placements
- Areas of concern, such as graphic violence and sexual dialogue, are
  summarized and highlighted for quick viewing of the report
- Reports show where network breaks are scheduled so you can decide the
  appropriate placement for your commercial
- MIS can provide historical analysis of content based on factors such as TV
  ratings, areas of concern and integrated products

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