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Since 1963, Media Information Services has been a leader in the provision of advertising and media intelligence. Originally known as Advertising Information Services (AIS),Media Information Services incorporates AIS' years of monitoring experience with innovative solutions to serve the advertising and broadcast industries.

Sponsor Placement Reports and Analysis

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In order to evaluate the exposure value of sponsor placements, MIS has developed a comprehensive program for identifying and analyzing each occurrence. First, we identify the placement and assign it an Exposure Value based on the standard cost of a commercial in that program. We then rate the placement based on the quality of the exposure. Our Quality Exposure Rating system gives each placement a percentage rating from 0% for a poor or negative exposure to 100% for a clear and prominent appearance. Based on the Quality Exposure Rating, we then adjust the Exposure Value to give a more appropriate measure of the placement's monetary value.

- Sponsor placement reports give advertisers a clear view of how their
  products are featured within the context of the show
- Quality Exposure Values help advertisers determine the monetary value
  of their placements
- Analysis available for specific products or general categories featured
  within a program
- Reporting and analysis is available for any network, cable or syndicated
- Analysis of sports programming includes stadium signage, vocal mentions
  and broadcast graphics

About Us